Who We Are

Offering services in both Pennsylvania and Georgia, LRJ Foundation’s team of knowledgeable and caring professionals provides licensed outreach to students grades 3-12, teacher in-services, and college classes as well as to other various community groups and businesses.

Board of Directors

Teressa Ruspi Stann

Executive Director

Karla Ruspi Farina

Deputy Director

Carrie Chase

Board Member

Joe Moceyunas

Board Member

Emily Naylis

Administrative Director

Dr. Douglas Hiser, DMD

Board Member

Nori Price

Board Member

Nori Price is a resident of Nicholson, Pennsylvania. Nori has been a 14 year employee and consultant of MetLife specializing in the IT Department. She is a mother, wife, and community volunteer. Nori is dedicated to Mental Health & Suicide Prevention education to better her community, law enforcement, and youth school education. Nori is no stranger to Suicide as it has hit her and her family in 2016 when she lost her son, Cody. Nori is proactively working on initative in Northeast, PA and throughout the LRJ Foundation. Nori has chaired and operated the Cody Car Show for the last two years, along with other community acts and has raised near $10,000 for mental health education. Nori enjoys time with her family and dog Cole, running, traveling and hiking in her spare time.

Pennsylvania Presenters and Curriculum Specialists

Dana Fortunato


Education: BA in Elementary Education from Marywood University; MSc in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Scranton

Credentials: National Counselor Certification

Experience & Specializations: Dana previously worked at United Neighborhood Centers of NEPA as a Youth Program Coordinator and as a Mental Health Counselor at Keystone College. She is currently a Mental Health Professional in a local high school, serving through the Community and School Based Behavioral Health program.

Dana has been a presenter with the LRJ Foundation since the Fall of 2016.

Mandy Doria


Cat Maria


Education: BFA in Fine Arts, emphasis Sculpture from Marywood University; MS in Community Counseling from University of Scranton.

Credentials: Licensed Professional Counselor; National Counselor Certification.

Experience & Specializations: Cat maintains a private practice in Scranton, PA with multiple special certifications in trauma therapy. Cat supports survivors of trauma and abuse through the therapeutic process of all ages, from children and adolescents to adults.

Cat has been with the LRJ Foundation since 2017.

Maryellen Evers


Education: BA in Psychology from Montclair State University; MSW in Social Work from Marywood University.

Credentials: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Certified Masters Forensic Social Worker

Experience & Specializations: Maryellen has been providing mental health treatment and psychotherapy for close to 25 years. She holds certifications in addictions treatment, forensic social work and motivational enhancement and cognitive behavioral therapy.

She previously worked in conjunction with the National Institute Of Drug Addiction in Washington, DC and is the author of the publication “12 Steps On the Rocks With a Twist- A Few Sips of Early Recovery”.

Corrine Wolfe


Education: BS in Counseling and Human Services from University of Scranton; MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from University of Scranton.

Credentials: National Counselor Certification, Human Services Board Certified Practitioner

Experience & Specializations: Corrine is an active outpatient therapist with children and adolescents in a community clinic. She is certified in Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) through PCIT International. The majority of her counseling work is with ages two to 7 years old.

Corrine has been a presenter with the LRJ Foundation since fall 2018.

Georgia Presenters and Curriculum Specialists

Sanona Williams


Education: BA in English Literature from University of Cincinnati; MSc in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University.

Credentials: Licensed Professional Counselor

Experience & Specializations: Sanona was previously employed with the Department of Family & Children’s Services and is now a full-time professional counselor.

Sanona had been a presenter with the LRJ Foundation since Fall 2016.

Sylvain Panu


Education: MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Richmont Graduate University

Credentials: Licensed Professional Counselor

Experience & Specializations: Sylvain’s previous experience in the mental health field includes serving in both church counseling and residential treatment. Additionally, he has spent several years leading small groups for and mentoring adolescents and college students.

Sylvain has been a presenter with LRJ since Fall 2018.

Amanda Peterson


Education: BS in Family & Child Sciences and Psychology from Florida State University; MSc in Marriage and Family Therapy from Auburn University

Credentials: Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Experience & Specializations: Amanda is currently a working in two private practices in the Buckhead area of Atlanta and in Woodstock, GA.

Amanda has been with LRJ since November 2017 as a presenter and assists in creating educational curriculum.