Purpose Fuels Passion by Emily Carlson

Purpose Fuels Passion

I found my passion at a very young age in mental health and suicide prevention. As personal experience with depression and anxiety for a long time, I see how there is a stigma around mental health, especially suicide. Everyone has mental health. And I want to be that advocate that helps people understand as well as let people know that they are not alone. I do not want anyone to feel the loneliness that I felt going through my life. This issue is not something that is going away. We have to live our lives every day with our struggles. We will always have hardships, but having support can help take the weight of the world off our shoulders, even if it’s just a small amount.

I feel like the things we go through ignite a fire in our hearts, which calls us to our passion. Sometimes, our purpose in life and our passion is hard to voice. We only learn it and grow when we follow our inside voice and desire to what fills us with joy. Pick something you love, something that gets you up every day. Lean into what you desire to make a difference, even if it is the quality of your life path. That is how you find your passion. You dive right into something that matters. I connect instantly with people who have dealt with mental health issues because it is common and helps you feel like someone understands. Unity in what we are passionate about is a strong force. You will know something is your passion when that is what gets you out of bed every day, even when you don’t want to.


Emily Carlson
Georgia College and State University
Nursing major