T-shirt Fundraiser ONLY $15

Wear a shirt with a message of inspiration!                                                                           Your shirt order will support LRJ Foundations  Mental Health Educational presentations in schools and the community. LRJ actively educates students grade 5-12th, Teacher in-services and community group FREE of charge since 2012 thanks to our great supporters!

Our unique interactive presentations changed the “Talk of Mental Health”. We make learning about our mind health engaging, fun, and impactful! Tips to use in our every day lives to live a happier healthier life. Since we all have Mental Health, let’s “Talk about what we think about.”

**BE SURE TO SELECT YOUR FAVORITE COLOR BELOW.                                        **Royal Blue is Unisex                                                                                                                **Women’s Only Tshirts: 4 color options, Next Level Burn out t-shirts, We suggest to SIZE up.

***Please note, this form will allow you to order 1 shirt color at a time. If wanting a variety of colors please start a new order form for each color you would like.If you want 1 color but several sizes only 1 form is needed.  Sorry for the inconvenience. Appreciate the support! Or feel free to email me your order.

Pick up location at:
We Talk Shirty
1979 Scranton Carbondale Hwy
Olyphant, PA 18447
Between 9:00 am-5:00pm                                         

Shipping additional $3.00

Order Deadline April 30, 2017

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