T-shirt’s for Mental health Education

 Wear Yellow Day T-shirts | Orders Due by August 12th

Your t-shirt order  makes a difference!  Roughly 80% of teens report that mental health concerns are a major concern.  At the same time, they feel uncomfortable asking for help. LRJ’s programs open the conversation and equip teens with the skills to ask for help, manage existing concerns, cope with daily stressors.  Most importantly, the programs and messanging provide positivity and empowerment that encouranges a strong midset.

As schools across the country prepare for a new school year, LRJ will prepre to fuel classrooms and communities with virtual and in-person education. This is ONLY possible with your support!

Thank you for supporting LRJ Foundation’s mental health educational presentations!

Easy online orders, with shipping directly to you! LRJ general public, Wear Yellow shirts, and specialty shirts for The City of Milton, GA.  Order shirts here.

Webb Bridge Middle School personal t-shirt order site.


For more information to bring mental wellness education to your school, classroom, or virtually into your home, Please check out our programs and contact Teressa to set up a call.  TeamLRJ@Lrjfoundation.com