Youth Leadership and Wellness Summit

 “We Have Decided”, Youth Leadership & Wellness Summit. It is planned for February 13, 2020, at the beautiful Forsyth Conference Center. Along with Webb Bridge Middle School Assistant Principal Carmen Hurst, we have teamed up with 5 local Middle School’s and their Assistant Principals, in the Northwest Learning Community (NWLC) of Fulton County schools, to serve a selection of 7th & 8th-grade students from each school.

We are seeking support from local community groups, businesses, and business professionals to share real-life stories to make this educational event happen. We can’t do this without you. Building youth to become resilient, empowered and supported, and with strong mental wellness takes an entire COMMUNITY!

Event details:

  • The experience will shape youth leadership skills to instill confidence, build resilience, manage and understand life stressors, learn empathy as a leader, and reduce barriers to help-seeking behaviors to best support their overall mental wellness and others.
  • Our Keynote speaker and musician performer is Saul-Paul, A Musician with a message. For the last decade, SaulPaul has earned an international reputation as a “Musician with a Message” known for entertaining, inspiring and empowering audiences across the globe. You can find more about him here, 
  • Paul Gilbride is the owner of Gilbride Corporate Coaching, LLC where he works with individual contributors, teams, and organizations to navigate issues such as leadership, team effectiveness, career navigation and creating meaningful and purposeful lives both in and out of work.
    Much of his leadership philosophy aligns with the work of Brené Brown and is one of approximately 400 professionals trained by Brené to facilitate her leadership work.  You can find more about Paul here,
  • LRJ Foundation: Mental Wellness Education to provide educational workshops on Anxiety, Social Media, and Mental Health.
  • Jeannine Jannot- Author, The Disintegrating Student: Super Smart & Falling Apart, and Academic coach :

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