Middle/Intermediate School

Middle School /Junior High Grades 6-8

This age group represents a time when children begin understanding and questioning how the world affects them as individuals. Physical maturity increases at a faster pace than emotional and developmental milestones vary including language, cognitive, and social.  The foundation has worked to design a seminar that caters to these unique learning edges and engage the students with activities and information ideal for this population, along with participation opportunities.  Topics are itemized below and are based on the most common mental health needs and concerns of this age group as shown through research and the professional experiences of our team’s licensed counselors:

  • What is mental health and how does it affect us?
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self-harm
  • Transition difficulties (grief, milestones, self-esteem, LGBTQ, etc.)
  • Treatment options and resources
  • Suicide awareness and prevention
  • Coping skills, Resiliency, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness

Intermediate Grades 5-6

lrj5-6– Mental Health & Wellness Programs for Children

The LRJ Foundation recognizes the importance of children’s mental health:

Children’s mental health matters. One in five children under the age of 13 suffers from mental illness (SAMHSA, 2015). While most individuals know the basics of keeping our children physically healthy, keeping our children mentally healthy are not always clear. A child’s mental health should be treated in the same way as their physical health, by recognizing its importance, giving it attention, and providing professional help when necessary. Promoting a child’s mental health helps them relate well with others, provides a sense of security, and fosters their growth both at home and in school. In addition, awareness and early intervention have been shown to help prevent or delay the consequences of mental illness (NAMI, 2016).

The LRJ Foundation recognizes the importance of mental health education and awareness in children. Our programs for this distinctive age group aim to build a child’s confidence and competence, which is the foundation of strong self-esteem. Our programs are built upon evidence-based research and the experience of licensed mental health professionals. Aspects of our 13 and under programs include small groups to increase individualized attention, tangible and age-appropriate activities, exercises used to help children identify a range of emotions and increase self-esteem, and practicing healthy coping skills that can last a lifetime.

Bully Education Presentation- Be The Change

Bully Education Presentation- “Be The Change”  for Middle School- High School aged Students. More the 160,000 children a day miss school in fear of  being bullied

1 out of 4 kids is bullied or abused by another youth. 1 out of 5 admits to being a bully. There are short term and long term psychological effects of bullying. From feelings of sadness, isolating themselves, health problems to increasing depression, anxiety, and worst yet, higher rates of suicide. LRJ’s interactive Bully Education Presentation, ” Be the Change” speaks to both the “Bully” and ” The Victims”. Both are involved and both are important. Key topics discussed and demonstrated in the 35-45 minute presentation. Teacher and Parent Version are available.

  • Types of Bullying -Physical, Verbal, Social & Cyber
  • Who’s at risk and who is more likely to bully others
  • Effects of Bullying: Bullying can affect everyone—those who are bullied, those who bully, and those who witness bullying.
  • Interactive activities performed
  • Meaningful short 2-3 minute video clips.