Letter two… Dear Drugs,

Team LRJ has something to say to Drugs. We decided to write a few real talk letters to let drugs and substances know they do not have a place in our lives. Our mental well-being means more. Our hope is for you to connect to each letter and turn your thoughts to an optimistic outlook to a drug-free lifestyle. LRJ is here to help move you in that direction. Please reach out today if you or someone you know needs support.

Letter Two.

                                                        Dear Drugs,

                     “This just isn’t working!”


                                                      The New Me

  My life has more value. I am capable of great things without you. NIDA (2020) states “The initial decision to take drugs is voluntary. But with continued use, a person’s ability to exert self-control can become seriously impaired. This impairment is the hallmark of addiction.” Most agree that in order for a person to quit drugs, they must hit rock bottom however, what this level looks like is different for each user. When a substance abuser never reaches rock bottom, they are more likely to die from an overdose, followed by potential self-harm or some other accident. “So preventing early use of drugs or alcohol may go a long way in reducing these risks.” Stay educated about the harmful effects of drugs, stay connected to positive people and things you enjoy doing, and remember help is out there, you just have to reach for it. The LRJ Foundation supports a drug-free lifestyle. Each day we have the choice to be better than it was yesterday.

Reference: National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2020.


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