Letter Four…Dear Drugs,

Team LRJ has something to say about Drugs. We decided to write a few real talk letters to let drugs and substances know they do not have a place in our lives. Our mental well-being means more. Our hope is for you to connect to each letter and turn your thoughts to an optimistic outlook to a drug-free lifestyle. LRJ is here to help move you in that direction. Please reach out today if you or someone you know needs support.

Letter Four.

                                                                    Dear Drugs,

I am worth more, see ya!


                                 The New Me


Adolescents who have healthy, high, positive self-esteem are less likely to do drugs. For those who have already begun substance abuse, part of getting clean will mean addressing shame, guilt, and other feelings that maintain or can trigger use, not just the behaviors itself. Nevertheless, when the perspective of a substance abuser shift from “This is making me feel good” to “this isn’t good for me, and I no longer want to treat myself this way,” then the real work of getting clean or staying sober, no matter how hard it may be at first. NIDA states that “Also, while many social and cultural factors affect drug use trends when young people perceive drug use as harmful, they often reduce their level of use (2020).

Reference: National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2020.




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