A Closer Look At Native Americans: Strengths and Struggles of Native American Culture

A Closer Look At Native Americans

This month, we happily celebrate Native American Month; Native Americans were the first to welcome British Settlers. They helped them survive the first winter in the New World.
Furthermore, Native Americans are resilient. Despite having been decimated by disease from British Settlers as well as on the Trail of Tears, near 500 tribes still exist today. In the infographic below, we share some strengths and struggles of the Native American culture. Nevertheless, every ethnicity struggles with mental health issues pertinent to their people, and Native Americans are no different.

For additional celebratory recognition, here are some brand empowerment supporting indigenous communities; Native American clothing brand.

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Since March 2020, the pandemic impact has increased anxiety and mental distress nearly 8x:

Statistic reference: Dr. Marc Brackett, Permission to Feel. ( click image to give a clearer view)


The LRJ Foundation asserts that racism is a public health crisis and undermines mental health. Our team in 2020 has begun to broaden education and resources to communities of color. International presentations were held, and professional education materials were created to speak to many cultures. Our commitment is to support diversity and inclusion in the organization’s mission, strategies, and workplace.


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