The Ethnic Heritage Of The Dominican Republic; Taino, African & European. A look at history and resiliency through adversity.

February 27th, Dominican Republic Independence Day

The LRJ Foundation shares culture and history.

The Dominican Republic’s ethnic heritage is composed of Taino, African, and European. Tainos were the indigenous people present when Europeans arrived to colonize the island.

In 1502, slaves from West Africa and the Congo were brought in from Spain to the Dominican Republic. Eight years later, African-born slaves came in large numbers to work in the sugar plantations, mines, and farms. Slavery was abolished in the Dominican Republic in 1822.

The Dominican Republic was the second country to abolish slavery (second to Haiti). Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras followed suit in 1824. Other countries followed including the U.S. in 1863-1865 and finally Cuba in 1880-1886. 

Overall, Dominican people are known for their warm and friendly nature as well as their tendency to persevere and remain positive despite adversity. They are known to be extremely hardworking and always willing to help others.

Whether you visit their home or their country, expect hospitality at its finest. Values emphasized within the family are unity, respect of elders, and loyalty to the family. Parents and caregivers highly value the education of their children.  Accordingly, they impress upon their children the importance of education for their future endeavors and are supportive of educational and related activities.

To learn more about the Dominican Republic, see the infographic below. The Dominican Republic’s coat of arms has three words: God, Homeland, and Liberty. Three major values Dominicans live by as a nation. The Dominican Republic is the only country in the world with the Holy Bible on its national flag. The Bible is open to John 8:32 “and the truth shall make you free.”

Written by Dr. Charissa D. Pizarro

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