Empowering Youth: Uniting Character Development, Mental Health, and Suicide Prevention in Mental Wellness Initatives

We Have Decided- Wellness | Happiness | Decisions

What is WHD?

We Have Decided is a youth leadership and mental wellness summit to inspire connection, growth in personal development, and resources to manage and empower your mental health. This is done through 3 elements of education and skill building, wellness, happiness and decisions.

Vision: The goal to educate and empower students to manage the unique stressors in society and everyday life, along with teaching concrete skills to improve leadership abilities and support each other. We Have Decided, is a statement to act on your thoughts, goals, and aspirations in one’s life through positive influence and life skills- to ultimately make today better than yesterday.

The day field trip provides students with entertainment, engaging speakers and breakout sessions, lunch and snacks, teambuilding and connection to positive and supportive tips and resources to support healthy behaviors and decisions.


Why is Character development paired with mental health and suicide prevention within LRJ Foundation’s Mental Health and Wellness Programs?

Character development plays a pivotal role in shaping the lives of young individuals, offering a wide array of positive benefits. It helps build essential qualities such as empathy, integrity, resilience, and responsibility. As young people develop strong character traits, they become more compassionate, understanding, and respectful toward others. Mental strength is a vital asset when it comes to managing emotions and controlling anxiety. Developing mental strength allows individuals to understand and regulate their emotions effectively. It enables them to navigate challenging situations with resilience, adaptability, and self-control. With mental strength, individuals can identify and challenge negative thought patterns, replacing them with more positive and empowering ones. It empowers individuals to cultivate healthy coping mechanisms, seek support when needed, and engage in self-care practices that promote emotional well-being. This is the rule book for LRJ’s preventative approach to suicide education and encouragement to lay the foundation for healthy emotional management.

To learn more about LRJ’s Youth Leadership & Wellness Summit and how to bring it to your school, visit our website and contact LRJ at TeamLRJ@lrjfoundation.com


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