New Programs Address Bullying, Provide Resources for Parents & Mindfulness to De-Stress before tests!

With more than 160,000 children a day missing school due to fear of bullying, the need for programs educating students, parents and teachers about bullying behavior, its effects and strategies to address it are needed more than ever. Our new “Be the Change” presentation was developed for middle school to high school-aged students and addresses the impact of bullying on both the bully and the victim. The program also includes variations for parents and teachers as well.

The LRJ Foundation’s new Parents University includes the “Wellness Matters” program, an interactive presentation providing parents with education on mental health and wellness, common mental illnesses, how to identify warning signs and risk factors, ways to start conversations on mental health, as well as positive coping mechanisms and tips to know when to seek professional help.

The most recent program being implmented by request, is Mindfulness to De-Stress Before Tests. The  Session is 20-25 minutes long starting off with education on the signs of stress, when stress is good and when it is bad, what mindfulness is, and learning how to properly deep breath. The session ends with  LRJ’s professionals leading our audience through a chocolate mindfulness exercise, leaving them relaxed, less tense and ready to take on anything!  Great for any audience!

In addition to newly-developed programs, the Teacher Education Seminar and the 5th, 6th, and 8th grade presentations were updated and revised to maintain relevancy to the current student population(s).