#BetterThanLastYear Breaking Habits for Change, Step 1: Stop Negative Self-Talk

Breaking bad habits is not easy, but its not impossible, either. It requires commitment, consistent effort, and discipline. With some tips and support, you will break unhealthy habits and move toward positive changes in your life. Habits are not all bad – they are just regular tendencies you do, which can make them hard to give up or change. The first step is the most important. Develop positive thinking & stop negative self-talk.

Moving into the first week of January, you have contemplated making a few resolutions, and perhaps thought of a list of things you would like to change and improve. In the coming weeks-to-months of 2018, some of these will be forgotten about, but many too will be achieved. Let’s make sure what you put on that list from the start stays on that list until you proudly cross it off with the pride of completion.

5 Steps to Stop negative self-talk.

1. Identify the negative thought. Recognize it. It’s just a thought. It only has power if we allow it to have power.

2. Take a deep breath and say something positive to replace the negative thought.

3. If the negative thought persists, consider using writing or other forms of creativity, such as music or art, to help deal with the negativity. I personally enjoy working out at the gym, and I begin my day with a workout to get my mind where it needs to be. Natural endorphins are released after a challenging training session. The benefits are tremendous, especially in terms of positive thinking!

4. Once you make the commitment via writing or other forms of art or exercise, let go of the negativity. The key is not to hold onto it. This takes practice, but it can be achieved.

5. Lastly, every morning when you wake up, and every night before you go to bed, say positive affirmations. It might seem silly at first, but it’s such a powerful tool to desist negative thinking. Say positive affirmations throughout the day. “I see the positive in everybody and every situation” is one positive affirmation I use daily. Another affirmation I enjoy is, “I endeavor to be the best that I can be.” These are just two examples that I use in my day-to-day life. There are countless positive affirmations. Choose ones that fit your personality the best. You must be proactive and committed to loving yourself, because you deserve it. It’s a battle between negative and positive thoughts in your mind. Defeat negative thoughts with positive affirmations!

As 2018 unfolds, rest assured that breaking the bad habit of negative thinking will truly change your life!
Audrey Hepburn once said the following: “Remember, nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” Happy New Year & stay positive!

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Writer:Teressa Stann, Executive Director LRJ Foundation

Editor: Michael James Carroll