#BetterThanYesterday September blog: 5 Major signs to look out for someone in need

Many people struggle with sadness, depression, stress, and anxiety. Being able to recognize and be familiar with the signs for someone at risk for suicide is an important tool to help someone in need.

The following are 5 major signs and risk factors that we can look for in order to help someone in need:

1. Changes in Behavior:

Increase in drug or alcohol consumption and use, anhedonia, withdrawing from activities, social isolation, giving away sentimental and/or prized possessions.

2. The Way they Communicate:

Expressing feelings of hopelessness, saying they don’t have a reason to live, saying they want to kill themselves or talking of feeling trapped.

3. Mood:

Increased irritability, depression, shame/humiliation, loss of interest in things, or a sudden and dramatic improvement in their mood.

4. Environmental Impact:

Being bullied or harassed at work or school, sudden life changes, such as loss of job, divorce, or prolonged stress.

5. Family and History:

Family history of suicide, previous suicide attempts, or history of self-harm.

If you see any of these risk factors, talk to the person. Be willing to help or get them help. Staying silent is not the right thing to do. Instead, say something — it could literally save a life. The Crisis hot-line is available for anyone dealing with suicide and it’s confidential. The # is 1-800-273-8255.

Text Connect to 741741  or visit https://www.crisistextline.org/


Sanona Williams, MS,LPC, NCC
Take time daily to pour into others!