#BetterThanYesterday October Blog Series: 5 Tips to Reduce School Anxiety

5 Tips to Reduce School Anxiety:

As the school year gets underway, we all wonder how to help our children adapt and succeed and reduce the anxiety that can seem inevitable, even overwhelming for some. From pre-school to high school to college, students walk into the school environment with anticipation and some trepidation about what to expect.

The following are 5 ways in order to help reduce school anxiety:

1. Daily Discussions:

It’s important to talk about your child’s school day. Have an honest dialogue about what went well, what caused concern, and what they are looking forward to the next day. Engaging in a daily dialogue makes it less likely that things go unnoticed. Be proactive and don’t be afraid to ask them questions.

2. Get Your Child Involved:

Being involved in clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities are great ways to meet new friends and reconnect with old friends. Moreover, activities provide a wonderful outlet to deal with anxiousness and anxiety.

3. Get Enough Sleep:

Proper sleep is imperative for every child to perform at their best. Without sufficient sleep, children aren’t able to focus as well, and as a consequence, they become anxious and overwhelmed. Students (even high school and college level) need a minimum of 8 hours of quality sleep per night. The best way to achieve this is to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day of the week, including weekends.

4. Limit Social Media, TV, and Video Games:

It will be a struggle, but the limitation on technology (social media, texting, TV, video games, etc.) will help students both socially and academically. Encourage your children to go outside and play with others. Studies support that students who spend less time on social media develop better social skills. They experience much less isolation, which is so important to their well-being and growth.

5. Stay Positive:

Children can read the emotions of their mother and father better than we think they can. If they see you are worried, they will worry too. When things get tough, stay positive, and focus on finding a solution. Don’t let the problem consume you. Remember, tomorrow’s a new day, and sometimes adversity can create opportunity. Keep the school year going with an abundance of optimism, and continue these 5 things throughout the school year!

Sanona Williams, MS,LPC, NCC
Take time daily to pour into others!